GIR’s Spring Highway Cleanup

Winter has finally come to a close- we think. With the weather finally being consistently above freezing, we figured that now would be a great time to tend to GIR’s Adopt-a-Highway service project.

On a sunny, 60-degree day, we geared up with neon yellow safety vests, gloves, and plenty of garbage bags. We divided and conquered the 2-mile stretch of Highway 18 that GIR is responsible for, with half of us starting on one end, half on the other, and meeting in the middle. It was terrific to be outside on such a pleasant day, to get a little exercise, and, most importantly, to give back a little to the local community.

After a long winter, the abundance and strange variety of garbage we picked up was at a high. We can confidently say that this section of the highway is looking a whole lot better!

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