Nowadays our environment is one of the most important concerns. We are certain that the world is constantly changing, and it will be a very different ecosystem 50 years from now. Environmental concerns are a real part of the decision-making process for many companies and organizations.  When it comes to refrigerants, these same factors play into the final decision on which to use and which to avoid. One thing we could assure is that if we continue to excel on our technology, we could incorporate more energy efficient methods by using more usable and natural sources of refrigerant.


CFCs, HFCs, and HCFCs have been the refrigerants of choice for many cooing applications over the last three quarters of a century freezers. These compounds contain carbon, hydrogen, chlorine and fluorine which have been proven to be harmful to the ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere. Today, Engineers and designers are advocating the praises of natural refrigerants like carbon dioxide, ammonia, and even air and water to protect the ozone layer and minimize global warming. While natural refrigerants come with their own set of challenges, the environmental costs of their use are on a much smaller scale that of the synthetic alternatives. Also, most of these compounds have been proven to have better and higher efficiency, helping to decrease the greenhouse effect of fossil fuels used in energy production and the energy reserves of the planet for future generations.


The energy used to operate refrigeration systems, drive compressors, pumps, fans, etc. is another area of concern for those interested in energy conservation and saving money.  Proper operation and maintenance of your refrigeration system can save up 25% in energy use.  Closing doors, timing defrost cycles, cleaning coils, maintaining seals, and optimizing product and worker flow are all ways to reduce the energy required to maintain temperatures in refrigerated spaces.


At Golden Industrial Refrigeration, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly systems are an important core value.  One of our missions is to provide our clients with the latest and best information available to help them make the decisions that best align with their core beliefs.  The efficiency and reliability of our refrigeration systems will continue to be a priority in our design strategy.  We will also continue to seek ways to develop systems that are easy to operate and maintain, contributing comfort, safety and health to the world and all our customers.



Written By: Golden Industrial Refrigeration