Glycol Delivery System

Glycol chilling is commonly used in some fashion with central refrigeration systems or as a stand-alone system. Golden Industrial Refrigeration has over 50 years of experience with engineering, design, implementation and/or project management of these systems. GIR will listen to your needs to provide you a fully comprehensive assessment of your system. Outlined below is a list of services we offer as they relate to secondary coolants such as glycols and brines.

Mechanical Integrity Program

  • Prepare tailor-made programs for glycol system
  • Assist in execution of MI program (initial and on-going) including:
    • Non-Destructive Examination services
    • Assessment of NDE findings
    • Testing of equipment safeties
    • Visual inspection
    • Safety inspection checklist
    • Budgetary costing
    • Report preparation
    • Presentation of findings
    • Follow-up on recommendations

Glycol System Assessment

  • On-site walk-through of system
  • General inspection for:
    • Refrigerant operating levels
    • temperature control
    • level control
    • safety issues
    • opportunities to improve efficiency
    • maintenance
    • Oil removal
    • reliability
  • Budgetary costing
  • Report preparation
  • Present findings
  • Follow-up on recommendations

Detailed Feasibility Study for Efficiency Improvement

  • On-site walk-through of system
  • Identify options to improve system efficiency (new technologies)
  • Quantify potential energy savings
  • Select equipment
  • Budgetary costing
  • Prepare concept drawings
  • Report preparation
  • Present findings

Capital Asset Replacement Program

  • Identify suspect glycol chilling Assets
  • Quantify and qualify issues associated with Asset(s)
  • Identify options (new technologies)
  • Prepare Budgetary costing
  • Prepare Concept drawings
  • Report preparation for Asset Replacement
  • Present findings
  • Prepare construction layout drawings and specifications for bid preparation
  • Bid review and recommendations
  • Construction Management for installation and testing

Glycol Testing Services (Annual)

  • Test glycol for:
    • Clarity
    • corrosion inhibitors
    • Propylene strength (freeze protection)
  • Prepare report including performance ramifications and recommendations

Glycol Pump Vibration Testing Services (Annual)

  • Expedite pump vibration testing
  • Prepare report including performance ramifications and recommendations